…DPP gives instructions

A screenshot from the security camera footage showing the moment after Verne Sambury was shot.

THE security guard who shot and killed ex-convict Verne “Pumba” Sambury during an encounter at Persad’s Supermarket, New Grant last Monday, has been charged with murder.

The guard is expected to appear in the Princes Town magistrates’ Court later today.

The decision to charge the security officer came over the weekend from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The guard was detained by police last Tuesday after security camera footage emerged of the shooting at the entrance to the supermarket located along the Naparima/Mayaro Road.

Police said they were initially told that Sambury was attempting to break into the business place at around 8.a.m. when he was shot.

However, the man’s relatives claimed that he went to purchase a loaf of bread, and the security footage showed Sambury’s interaction with the guard which appeared to show him being aggressive and reaching for a bottle before he was shot three times at close range.

A second video, captured by a member of the public and uploaded to social media show Sambury, bleeding heavily and walking about in the parking lot, while the supermarket doors are closed behind him.

The footage ends with Sambury, helped by no one, dragging a wooden crate into the parking lot, and laying on it.

He was later taken to Princes Town District Health Facility by police, and then transferred to San Fernando General Hospital where he died.

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