Let him go!

Fire Sinckler too, says fledging political party

The chorus of calls for the head of Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler continues to rise amid a public row between Sinckler and Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados Dr DeLisle Worrell.

The recently launched political party Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) has become the latest to call on Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to fire his protector of the public purse.
Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler

Sinckler and Worrell are fighting a battle in court – and in the public – over the Minister’s attempt to sack the Governor at the behest of members of the board.

The High Court is expected to decide Friday whether it would lift an injunction barring Sinckler from firing Worrell.

In advance of the decision, BIM leader Neil Holder said both men should be relieved of their duties, and he called on Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to act swiftly.

“I am not against the administration letting him [the Governor] go . . . because I am still considering the fact that all this time he was doing your bidding. He was printing [money] at your behest and so on, and you never had any infraction against him . . . and all of a sudden on the advice of the board, that you are going to let him go,” Holder stated.

He suggested that the Governor was not warned or given any opportunity to discuss his demise, yet he was given an ultimatum.

Sinckler reportedly met with the Governor last Thursday and gave him the option of either tendering his resignation by Monday of this week, or be fired.

“My position is that I would not consider just letting him go. It would have to be a Stuart decision, where you let go both him and the Minister of Finance. He can’t be held accountable for all his actions because the Minister of Finance would have been, or should have been, prudent enough to bring the truth to Barbadians,” Holder said.

The political leader did not spare Worrell either, accusing him of waiting until the 11th hour to advise Barbadians on what they should do to help turn the economy around.

“All the time, his [Governor’s] advice was contrary to what was being given at this point,” Holder said.

The BIM leader said he recognized the country was in a mess and needed to significantly improve its foreign reserves, with urgent action required.

“It is not in my ambit right now to give this Government any solutions, but I would say as it relates to the Central Bank Governor, Freundel Stuart needs to get up at this time and make a prudent decision. He needs to release the Minister of Finance from his duties as well,” declared the BIM boss.

After Sinckler moved to terminate Worrell, the Governor’s attorney Gregory Nicholls moved quickly on Sunday night and was able to secure a temporary High Court injunction which initially expired Wednesday. When both sides returned to court before Justice Randall Worrell, he maintained the order until Friday when he will hand down his final judgment.

Nicholls said he was confident the Governor would win his case. However, Solicitor General Jennifer Edwards, QC, who appeared for Sinckler, refused to speak to reporters after Wednesday’s hearing.

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