BREAKING: Trump GOP Wants to Kick 10,000,000 Poor Americans Off Food Stamps


Republicans are no friend to the millions of poor, hungry, and under-served Americans. Republicans and the Trump Administration are wanting to kick 10,000,000 poor Americans off food stamps and leave them to suffer starvation.

We all know that Republicans, led by Paul Ryan, want to make it harder for the poor. They presented plans to cut healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, and any other program that benefited the neediest of Americans.

For eight years, we were fortunate to have Barack Obama as president. He and Congressional Democrats thwarted the GOP’s heartless plans to make life harder for the poorest Americans.

Unfortunately, things have changed. We now have a Republican Congress and President who will do whatever they can to bolster defense spending and secure tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate America at the expense of helpless, poor families. According to the Urban Institute, Ryan’s plans would kick 14 to 20 million poor people off Medicaid. And if Congress and Trump repeal the Affordable Care Act without an alternate plan, 30 to 40 million additional Americans will have no health insurance.

Plus, the heartless GOP wants to cut funding for the programs that give free school lunches to needy children.

Add to that an additional ten million needy people losing food stamps, and you have a recipe for disaster. There will be more poor Americans going to bed hungry every night. Robert Greenstein, the founder and president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and an advocate for poor and low-income Americans, said, “This is by far the gravest threat to the safety net, and to low-income people, that I’ve seen in my close to half a century of working on these issues.”

“I think there’s a potential in the first seven months, by the August recess, for Congress to pass policies that do more to increase poverty and hardship and widen inequality than we’ve seen in half a century,” Greenstein continued.

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