The thin oily film that appeared off the coast of Bequia yesterday
The thin, oily film observed floating on the water in a few areas off the west coast of Bequia is not an oil spill and is not believed to be hazardous.

Johnny Ollivierre, the port officer and harbour master told SEARCHLIGHT this afternoon that what is being observed is not an oil spill as the film has very little oil content and will sooner or later evaporate from the surface of the water.

He said he and the environmental officer assigned to the area examined the film and are of the opinion that it is not hazardous and residents should not worry. He said it has no smell, is not sticky and will soon either dissolve or evaporate.

Ollivierre explained that the film had been spotted on the east cost of the Grenadine island, which indicates that it may have come ashore from the Atlantic Ocean. However, with the recent change in wind direction, with the prevailing winds now coming from the west, the oily film has appeared in a few other places like Belmont and Ocar.

He opined that the substance may be the waste material from when large boats and tankers use special chemicals to clean their tanks

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