DLP says its bringing the FACTS

The Democratic Labour Party has launched a campaign called FACTS – a platform to expose Barbadians to what they term as ‘mistruths propagated by the Opposition Barbados Labour Party’.

This, the DLP says, is crucial as Barbados stands to be rebranded by an online campaign aimed at creating FEAR.

General Secretary of the DLP, George Pilgrim, says the party will be having a Mid-Year Conference on March at Queen’s College. The theme of that conference will focus on the campaign theme, “FACTS”.

According to Pilgrim, the conference will be unique in that it seeks to have a conversation with the members of the party. The session is one where the Ministers will seek to share the policy journey of the Party over its period in office.

“The principal object of our conference is to ensure the FACTS are rolled out about the Government‘s achievements and the actions taken to ensure the viability of our nation state. The conference will also allow for the party base to share and give the party central needed feedback on their views and thoughts,” he told the media.

He says some of the facts are that the Government has and continue to provide housing; that they are about to launch a massive roads programme; and that tablets and equipment for schools are in the Port ready to be released soon.

Pilgrim said the party is standing by its word of dedicating 2017 as the year of Youth Engagement and revealed that they will be awarding 30 Barbadians under the banner of Patriot Awards.

“The idea of Patriot must be viewed as a continuation of this party’s Independence contribution, showing appreciation and celebrating our talented youth. These awards will be sponsored by the Party and will be given to persons under the age of 35 based on the outlined criteria,” he explained.

The public will get a chance to nominate deserving young persons for such awards in the area of Arts, Music, Theatre, Dance, Fashion, Sports, Cricket, Football, Road Tennis, Religion, Education, Technology, Agriculture and Youth in Business.

The Young Democrats will also this year pay special tribute to the Father of Independence and National Hero, the RT Excellent Errol Barrow.

“June 1st marks 30 years since his passing and therefore on this day we won’t be marching or asking Barbadians to be disruptive. Instead, we will head to St. John for a full engagement of the school children by hosting a primary school cook-off,” Pilgrim said.

He says the recipes will come from Barrow’s cookbook, Privilege, noting that they have engaged St. John’s Primary, Mount Tabor and St Margaret’s. They have also approached Lodge School to participate by hosting the event.

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