Trump PANICKING After Congressman Invokes 1924 Rule To Expose His Taxes!

Bill Pascrell, A New Jersey Congressman has just enacted a 1924 congressional rule which demands that Donald Trump release his tax returns to the American public.

Maybe we will finally get to see all the fishy stuff that he’s been hiding from everyone.

Trump says he has no dealings with Russia, for example, but his tax returns would likely show otherwise.

Congressman Pascrell wrote a detailed letter that is raising quite a few eyebrows in D.C.  The pressure is coming down hard on the Trumpster now!

Here’s the story, via BR:

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), who serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, wrote a letter to the committee’s chairman demanding that President Trump’s tax returns be submitted to the committee and examined. Using a 1924 tax law that states that Congress can insist upon seeing these documents in order to assess any conflicts of interest, even if the person from whom the documents are demanded is the president of the United States.

and below is part of Pascrell’s letter

‘The Founding Fathers were determined to prevent corruption among public officeholders under our Constitution. The emoluments clause prohibits federal officeholders from accepting foreign gifts or emoluments without congressional consent. Their intention was to forbid relationships that might lead to corruption. Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe and lawyer Joshua Matz have written that the meaning of “emoluments” as the framers intended included profits received in a business relationship.[1]

‘President Trump has chosen to keep an ownership stake in his businesses, the scope of which we have no knowledge of as he has refused to disclose his tax returns. We believe that it is imperative for the public to know and understand his 564 financial positions in domestic and foreign companies,[2] and his self-reported net worth of more than $10 billion.[3] We know that state-owned enterprises in China[4] and the United Arab Emirates[5] are involved in his businesses, and that his business ties stretch to India, Turkey, the Philippines, and beyond. Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan may also have ties to his businesses.[6] These foreign entities are paying rents, licensing agreement payments,[7] and issuing permits[8] for developments — effectively giving them a tool to influence our new President.

‘None of these potential conflicts can be verified until and unless we have disclosure from President Trump. Every major Presidential candidate since Richard Nixon, with the exception of President Gerald Ford who released a summary of tax data, has released his or her tax returns for public review – until now.[9]

Maybe Trump will be forced to let the tax returns be seen.

Of course it’s not law that a  president release his taxes, but every single one of them in modern times has done so.

Why does Trump think he should be the exception?



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