Meet the seven Russian operatives who have dropped dead during Donald Trump-Russia scandal

Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, dropped dead today in New York of an apparent heart attack. That may not stand out as suspicious on its own, until one considers that he’s the second Russian diplomat to drop dead in New York in the past few months – and the last one, Sergei Krivov, was also said to have died of a heart attack despite his skull having been bashed in. Even more bizarrely, since Russia’s rigging the election for Donald Trump exploded in scandal, a whopping seven Russian diplomats and operatives have mysteriously dropped dead.

Back in January, a thirty-page dossier was leaked to the public which detailed all the supposed ways in which Russia was blackmailing Trump. Two weeks later Oleg Erovinkin, a former KGB General who had helped a former MI6 agent to assemble the dossier, turned up dead in the back of a car in Russia. While it hasn’t been proven, many have suspected that Vladimir Putin had Erovinkin taken out in revenge for Erovinkin’s complicity in exposing Putin’s blackmail scheme. But even more Russian bodies have been dropping.

Sergei Mikhailov, who was believed to have been a U.S. intelligence asset within the Russian government, was dragged out of a meeting in Russia with a bag over his head and is now almost certainly dead as well.

Back in January, Russian diplomat Andrey Malanin was found dead in his Athens apartment. And we all recall the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, being murdered on live television. Additionally, Russian diplomat Petr Polshikov was found shot to death in Moscow. That adds up to seven bodies now having dropped since the Trump-Russia scandal exploded.

How many of these seven deaths of Russian diplomats and Russian operatives are connected to the Donald Trump-Russia scandal? That’s not yet clear. Some of the deaths, such as Erovinkin and Mikhailov, have much more strongly demonstrated connections to Trump-Russia than others. But bodies don’t generally drop like this without a reason. How many of his own people has Vladimir Putin now eliminated while trying to cover up the Trump-Russia scandal?

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