Trump’s Executive Order Is Destroying The Job Market For Rural Communities and U.S. Veterans

Trump voters across America are in deep regret about their decision to support him in last year’s election.

Analysts are now saying Trump’s awful economic agenda will have the biggest impact on Americans living in rural communities, where voters overwhelmingly supported Trump in the election.

One of Trump’s first moves as president last month was to impose an across-the-board freeze on all federal hiring.

This has turned out to be a very mad decision – a huge portion of federal employees live in remote areas in western states, like Alaska, Wyoming, and Montana, or sparsely populated areas of the south, like Alabama, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

Trump’s recklessness could destroy the economy in red states, as In These Times reports:

More than 85 percent of federal workers live and work outside of  Washington, D.C. Among the states that rely most heavily on federal jobs are Alaska, Wyoming, Mississippi, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Montana, Alabama and New Mexico. These jobs are lifelines in places where there are few other options.

… “This really affects small communities,” says Andrew Stettner, senior fellow at The Century Foundation. He points out the order will also affect a lot of veterans, who have priority for hiring in federal agencies.

When someone makes a big purchase and then they regret it, it is called buyer’s remorse. Today, millions of Americans have voter’s remorse.

Almost everyone can see by now that Trump only cares about himself and his rich friends – not about poor and middle-class families around the country.

For decades, rural communities have been the base of support for Republican candidates. If Trump continues to cram through his reckless agenda, you can bet that those communities are going to vote them all out of office when 2018 and 2020 come around. Daily Kos reports:

When Donald Trump promised and then imposed a federal hiring freeze, his supporters were probably thinking he meant stuffy bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. And while the D.C. area will doubtless be hit hard (and many of the jobs lost there are doing things that matter to people’s lives), Trump supporters are going to find a lot of surprises on the list of jobs lost. Like preschool teachers for military families overseas. And jobs in rural communities across the country.

… It feels like a safe bet that, while some of the fringe will celebrate the loss of rural jobs maintaining public lands, your average Trump voter didn’t think they were voting for the loss of good jobs in West Virginia or Wyoming.

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