Trump Tower shut down its Russia email server just before FISA warrant was allegedly granted

Donald Trump has spent the weekend falsely insisting that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower shortly before the election. And while Trump appears to be too ignorant to understand that a President has no mechanism for doing so, there is evidence that a federal judge granted a FISA eavesdropping warrant to the FBI for Trump Tower’s Russian email server shortly before the election. And it appears Trump Tower knew that warrant was coming.

I reported back in November that there was evidence a FISA warrant had been granted for the Trump Tower Russian email server in October. But as it turns out, Daily Kos has determined that the email server had been shut off for good on September 23rd. This suggests that the operator of the email server was aware the FBI was onto it, and shut it off to prevent its data from being monitored. There is also a Carter Page connection.

As I pointed out earlier today, the Trump Tower Russian email server saw its biggest data spikes while Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was visiting Russia, suggesting it was used to communicate with him abroad. But three days after the email server was shut down, Page announced he had left the campaign amid increasing questions about his Russia ties.

This now paints a picture of Trump Tower realizing that the FBI was closing in on its Russia connections, quickly shutting down its Russia email server just before an eavesdropping warrant could be granted, and also abruptly ejecting Russian operative Carter Page from the campaign entirely because he had become too much of a liability. But now Page is asserting that Donald Trump himself was behind the Republican National Convention plot to change the party platform to benefit Russia. Trump might have done better to keep Page around, so he’d keep quiet.

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