Owner Of Ivanka’s D.C. Home In Serious Hot Water With The U.S. Govt. (DETAILS)

The Trump White House is an absolute cesspool of unethical business, discriminatory policy, extortion, corruption and scandal.

This new information adds one more conflict of interest to the long list of President Trump’s conflicts, which have far surpassed all moral and ethical standards and border very closely on being illegal. When Donald Trump moved into the White House to assume his new position, instead of bringing first lady Melania Trump and his youngest son, he brought his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner. While he couldn’t appoint Ivanka to an official advisory role, she has been in many meetings like a dirty sock.

Kushner on the other hand, was appointed to an official White House role as a top advisor. Titles aside, it has been acknowledged by numerous Republicans that Trump’s children, particularly Ivanka, have more power than any advisor. That is what makes this new information so concerning.

Ivanka Trump and Kushner secured a Washington, D.C. rental home for the duration of Donald Trump’s presidency due to Kushner’s advisory role. The home that they rent is a six bedroom historic home which was purchased in December for 5.5 million dollars by the company of Chilean billionaire, Andronico Luksic.

Luksic has his hands in a variety of industries, but presently is in a legal dispute with the United States government and environmental groups over not providing him adequate permissions for a mine he would like to operate in Minnesota. The Washington Postconfirmed this information with a relative and bookkeeper of Luksic, Rodrigo Terre.

He, along with a White House spokesperson, claimed that the couple are paying “absolute/fair market value,” but would not disclose what the amount was. That said, it is impossible to know at this time whether some kind of agreement was made between Luksic and the Trumps pertaining to this Minnesota mine legal dispute.

It has been claimed by both parties that they have never met in person, and the White House asserts that Luksic’s American business operations and his ongoing lawsuit was not known to Kushner nor Ivanka when they signed their lease.

Luksic is from an exceedingly wealthy family, not unlike Ivanka Trump. According to Forbes, they are among the wealthiest in Chile and are involved in banking, mining and the industrial sector to the tune of a worth of approximately $13.1 billion.

It is one of these mining units, Antofagasta PLC (Twin Metals Minnesota LLC) that has an ongoing lawsuit with the U.S. government. The intention of Luksic’s company was to create a mine within the U.S. Forest Service land near Boundary Waters Canoe Area. This area of forest land however, has been under the stewardship of the federal government since 1926.

In September, Twin Metals Minnesota LLC took the government to federal court over the right to open the mine. The leases to two minerals they sought was denied in December by the Obama administration, but there is no telling what the Trump administration has in store in terms of overturning that decision.

The Obama administration articulated that the mine was not approved as it had the potential to cause:

‘Serious and irreplaceable harm to this unique, iconic and irreplaceable wilderness area.’

Twin Metals argued back as recently as February that this area contains “one of the largest untapped copper and nickel resources in the world.”

Between Kushner and his daughter’s involvement with Luksic, and Trump’s anti-climate change, anti-science, pro-mining rhetoric, we suspect this mine will be permitted and this land will be lost, especially given the prospective mineral value:

‘[It is] conservatively estimated at more than $40 billion of in-ground mineral value.’

Everyone knew that Donald Trump offered a presidency wrought with conflicts solely due to his many business dealings. But, since his voters didn’t care and the electoral college failed Americans, this is what we are left with.

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