The New York Times Just DESTROYED Donald Trump For His STUPIDITY When It Comes To Healthcare

The New York Times has put out an exceptionally straightforward explanation of healthcare to discredit the Republican myths being perpetuated in an effort to repeal and replace Obamacare. Among the statistics that the Republicans don’t want people to understand is that 90% of people receive healthcare through the government or their employer, only 10% of people buy through an exchange or through their employer. The majority of people have in fact seen lower premium increases since Obamacare was implemented, while those in the private sector have seen higher marginal increases in price.

85% of the group that buy through the private exchanges receive federal subsidies, shielding them from market volatility and the greed of insurance companies. The NYT investigation found that only 3% of Americans have seen price increases. This stands in stark contrast to the more than 14 million Americans who began receiving health insurance since Obamacare went into law.

“Trumpcare”, dubbed by some Conservatives as “Obamacare-light”, threatens to remove federal subsidies and assistance for the most vulnerable sectors of the public – such as old people. If the Republicans have their way we may see the elderly lose their federal subsidies and subsequently be priced out of the healthcare market, losing their health coverage at a time in their lives when they need it most.


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