Read John 1:35-51.

Our Lord does not stumble upon his disciples by accident. His discoveries are no surprises. He knows where his nuggets lie. Before he calls to service He has been secretly preparing the servant. “I girded thee, though thou hast not known Me.”

He knew all about Simon. “You are Simon”—just a listener, not yet a strong, bold doer: a man of many opinions not yet consolidated into the truth of experimental convictions. “You shall be called Peter.” Simon become Peter! Loose gravel become hard rock! Hear-says become the “verities” of unshakable experience! The Lord proclaims our glorious possibilities.

And He knew all about Nathanael. “When you were under the fig-tree I saw you.” In that secret meditation of thine, when your wishes and desires were being born, ‘I saw you!’ When others saw nothing, I had a fellowship with you in the secret place.

And He knows all about you and me. “I know my sheep.”  John 10:14 We do not take Him by surprise. He does not come in late, and find the performance half over! He is in at our beginnings when grave issues are being born. “I am Alpha.” Revelation 1:8

So many of us believe we have an entitlement to the promises in our time. The Lord said to wait on Him and in due season we will reap if we faint not along the way. My brothers and sisters in the Lord consider how many times Samuel heard the voice and he sought advice from his elder Patriarch Eli. Samuel wanted to be sure of his calling and he checks with the anointed leader. Samuel, I did not call you, so go back to sleep. Yet, a second time Samuel came running to Patriarch Eli because he heard the voice calling again. I can hear those comforting words from Eli Patriarch as his eyes beaming into those childish eyes of Samuel. My son I did not call you but go back to sleep and if you hear the voice again, say “speak Lord Thy servant heareth.”

Today that is what every child of God should be listening for, the still voice of God whispering “Come unto Me and I will give you rest.” Too, often we get carried away with our own ego, jealousy, envy and wanting to be what God has not ordained. Are you called to minister? Are you called to preach? Paul declares how can you preach unless you are first called and then sent. There is preparation before you are sent on a mission and that is to avoid casualties. Any soldier is trained before he is deployed to a war-torn area. This is what Jesus said I know you before you were born. Yes, and because of the great commission, He was able to train them and be an example to those disciples before He sent them out to minister. Oh, I love to minister on the Great Commission. I see my name written in that command. Hallelujah

My brothers and sisters, fellow readers my word to you this morning is to wait on the Lord, your strength will be renewed and then so refreshed you will be able to run and not get weary because you know your strength comes from the hills. Keep trusting the Lord and let Him direct your paths.

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