Do not remember the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways —Psalm 25:7.

It happens at times with the best of Christians, that his sins of youth rise up like spectres to overshadow and appall him. His first impulse is to wish that they could be blotted out from all remembrance. It is a better thought which comes over him, when he remembers that it was amidst these sins themselves that Christ came to him to speak pardon and peace. His remembrance is then not only of sin, but of mercy; and he prays not that God will forget his sins, which is impossible, but that he will not remember them to his condemnation. Fully, then, may he be assured that his prayer is heard.

So often people forgot that God has transformed your life and cast your sins into the sea of frogetfullness never to remember that again. That was one purpose of Christ coming to forvive us our trespasses and sins. That’s one reason that He died on the cross at Calvary. That day He cried with a loud voice “It is finished”. Hallelujah

It is time for people to stop looking at one’s pass life and pass judgement. Who are we to condemn since we cannot save. I recall Paul writing that “Vengence belongs to the Lord and He will repay.” Today we have an opportunity to make good on our promise with God to serve Him to the end. That eans not to be distracted with others even if you do not agree with their principles. Let God be the judge. No one should judge you.

Remember, O gracious Lord Christ, how previously you brought to me deliverance and healing when, under the sins which had despoiled me, I lay even as one half dead; and give to me the steadfast assurance, that the grace which then restored me will not forsake me, but faithfully abide with and sustain me, now and forevermore. Amen


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