The time of rejoicing has arisen in the earth. All creation is truly groaning, waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. The Bible is being fulfilled before our eyes as we witness all economies failing except the economy of God.

The earth is in birth pains and the contractions are coming faster than before. Yesterday (7/26/2016) a woman was nominated the first time by a major political party to become the president of the United States. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of a prophecy by William Marrion Branham God’s mouth piece in these last days. The Bride is getting ready to rise from the dust of this earth and to be forever with the Lord. Ther is no more time and soon the mark of the beast will be visible in every quarter of the earth. Wake up my beloved brethren it is later than we can ever think.

Those who have laid their treasures up on earth for the last days are truly watching them rust away. God’s Word declares that riches will be a witness against them and those riches shall eat their flesh as if it were fire. (James 5:3)

God’s Word also declares we cannot serve God and Mammon. If we love God, we will hate the mammon (the things of this world), Matthew 6:24.

It is time for God’s people to wake up and arise out of the dust of the earth and arise unto righteousness. if they are to be counted worthy to escape those things that are coming upon the earth. My brothers and sisters open your eyes if you can and see the writings on the walls. Every billboard, poster, sign, the clouds in the sky and I can go on and on….. It is much later than we can ever imagine brethren.
Today we look at and must focus our attention on the activities in California about the increased earthquakes. One day that mega quake will hit the west coast and another prophecy by William Marrion Branham will come to pass. Are we ready for the move of God? It is later that we think or can write. WAKE UP WATCH AND PRAY.

The Day of Redemption truly draweth nigh.


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