Within You

Your outer life is but a reflection of your inner life. If it is full of strife you can change it. Just change the strife within. Many times we forget this and struggle in the outer world to create what we would have. Maybe we want to be rich, have a new house, a new car, bring about world peace. There is an old hymn Called “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” You only have control over you what you think, feel or are. You can’t change the whole world or others. But if you are filled with peace then peace on earth does begin with you.
Focusing from the outside in does not work very well. We must change what is within to have our outer world change and to receive these things we desire.

How do we do that?

We already live in a state of peace. What you say how can you say that when the whole world is going to war and there is such lack in the world. We only really need air, food, and water to survive think on all you have beyond that. We live in a state of abundance at all times We already have all the peace we can express. Just center yourself and meditate for a few moments. When you truly get to the center of you there is all the peace you could desire. You do not have to get caught up in the mass conscriousness, you do not have to give in to fear. These are choices you are making.
Focus on the peace you already have. Focus on the state of abundance you already live in. Be grateful. Write a grateful list. The universe responses to your state of mind. If your state of mind is usually in a state of want then you will continue to want. If your state of mind is one of gratefulness for what you already have then you will receive more to be grateful for. So in this time of uncertainty focus on peace for you and the world. More peace will come.
It is much easier to effect change internally because we are dealing with an aspect of the universe that we can have complete control over. We can’t always control our outer universe but we can always, with effort, control our inner universe. Within is the building blocks of the world. So build a world that you would love to live in. You must want this for others as well as yourself. The more we look within the more our outer world will reflect what we would have.

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