Details surrounding the spy who collected the information on Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and the infamous “golden shower” documents are starting to take shape. Mother Jones conducted an interview with the man who collected the information — reportedly identified as former British spy Christopher Steele — and detailed a timeline of how these events came to pass.

The reveal of the intel set the world on fire Tuesday, giving the public an insight into Russia’s intentions and providing the masses with the infamous golden showers allegations, which created a media frenzy and led Trump to call CNN a fake news outlet. The spy in question told Mother Jones that he was contacted in June to take a look into Trump’s activity in Europe and Russia. The assignment didn’t seem to bother him as he said that “it started off as a fairly general inquiry.” But once he started his digging he claims he became a bit shocked, especially for Trump reportedly being “sexually compromised” by Russian intelligence.

By his own admittance, the spy said he “stays in the shadows” but was a bit disturbed by the findings and went to his FBI contacts with the information without the approval of the American firm who hired him. He said these findings were important and had to come forward about them:

“This was something of huge significance, way above party politics,” the former spy told me. “I think [Trump’s] own party should be aware of this stuff as well.” He noted that he believed Russian intelligence efforts aimed at Trump were part of Vladimir Putin’s campaign to “disrupt and divide and discredit the system in Western democracies.”

The layers to these stories continue to provide more fodder for the masses.


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