In creating relationships that work with love and joy, it is important to express our vulnerability. Vulnerability has earned somewhat of a bad reputation in our society. Vulnerability really means we are open to all that we are. Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. Vulnerability is not exposure, it is full and total trust. Vulnerability does not mean being open to everyone and everything so they can take pot shots at us. Vulnerability means being open and available to our true, preferred selves, for when we open up to ourselves, we are open and available to the infinite Source of all creation. Connecting to our infinite creation will bring us peace, strength, and power, and it makes our lives real, joyous, magical, and happy. Strangely enough, many times we might only feel we are in control, when we are expending or exerting an effort. Vulnerability allows us to be in control effortlessly. Why would we need to expend effort to be in control of something that we already are?

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