True creative relationships are expressed and experienced from a state of relaxed trust and creative joy. Relationships are simply learning how to play with each other, how to love and accept ourselves unconditionally, and how to trust who and what we are. When we share ourselves in a relationship, we will feel our own sense of completeness, and we will realize we are never alone. In creative relationships, it is very important to remember how to play and balance our energy, both as an adult and as a child. To have a successful relationship, we must awaken the divine young child inside ourselves first. A young child is full of curiosity and knows the universe is beautiful and full of surprises. A young child is naturally loving and trusts in a positive way. A young child is naturally truthful and in integrity. A young child is more occupied with being natural, not normal. A young child lets their imagination soar, unlimited in the creation of a magical and miraculous world. Always, always seek out a good playmate for your primary relationships, and especially someone who knows how to play fair. Allow yourselves to remember the world is magical, and allow that magic and enchantment back into your life. Be who you are, and do the things you love to do as often as you can! That is really the only way to really live our lives.

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