Ministers have a confidential relationship with their members or whoever confides in them. Whatever is revealed to you must remain in confidence and should not be divulged to anyone. It is like a doctor and patient.
However, some ministers will not talk but post on social media and sometimes preach the conversation in church like if God gave them the message.
WARNING. You are not protected and if you are drawn before the courts of law, make sure you can prove your case. Ministers must stop the behaviour and practice. You can cause more hurt than good to those members.
So, here is an example, I spoke to you about my smoking and drinking problems and you offer no help , but you are posting the conversation on social media.
Rather than praying with the person you opened your itching ears to derailed the confidence someone has placed in you. STOP IT.
Do not break
Build up your loved ones
Set up times to meet, counsel and guide
Do not break the trust others have placed in you
Do not share your conversation
I beg of you
Some even share confidential discussion with other ministers of like rank and it is bad.
Let’s get back to training and do what is right.
Preach the word. If you do not have a word to deliver then keep your mouth SHUT
My Spiritual Mother would say, swift to hear and slow to speak. In other words SHUT UP

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