WHY AM I HERE? (Part three)

Sir Godfrey Gregg
Part of our trouble is that we are all so confused about the real values in life. Everything presses in upon us so and one of the greatest pressures of which we are hardly aware is the importance placed all over our world upon material things and standards.
In revolt against this some people, calling themselves spiritual, have been led to an unrealistic denegration of matter as such. They feel the physical world is somehow a “mistake” different to or separate from the Divine, even evil in itself.
They do not see that by implication they are separating matter off from the Divine Life of which it cannot be other than an aspect, expression or reflection since, as is stressed again and again, matter is energy and energy IS the divine in manifestation.
For in this system of thought nothing can ever be conceived of as being separate from its Source and essential Being; it is only separate to our vision in the modes through which we make contact with and apprehend the world outside ourselves.
The Spirit of Christ entered into the material world not  surely  to prove that it was unnecessary or a “mistake” but  on the contrary  to reveal how it could be used to glorify its Creator and to improve man’s lot.
Jesus made this clear enough. He brought a transforming vision down into everything that came his way, demonstrating how matter could be so purified and trans illuminated by spirit that even things considered most debased and commonplace, a jar of wine  a fish  a tree  criminals and prostitutes could be infused with such a radiance of Light and Love that they became full of divine significance and potentiality, instruments through which God’s presence could be revealed to man on earth.

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