Sir Godfrey Gregg D. Div, OHPM, ROMC

The Conclusion

Distractions. It can really start to drive you off of the road God has called you to be on. Well, thank God for GPS systems! I am horrible with directions. I mean, horrible. I can get lost just going home from here. One of the things I think that has saved our marriage so far was getting a GPS system. You plug this box in you car and this lady tells you how to get to your destination (well, you can get a guy’s voice, but I have found the lady’s voice to be more nurturing). Now, you don’t have to trust the lady. You can even unplug her. But if you do trust her, you have to listen to what she says. You need to look at the box or listen carefully. She will warn you ahead of time and even beep when you need to turn. I mean, you really can’t mess up right?

But knowing me, I have found ways to get lost, even with the GPS system. You know why? Usually it’s distractions. I get distracted by people in the car next to me, a dead animal on the side of the road, a store I may never have seen before, or even thinking too hard about something. So I get lost. If I were the lady trying to direct me, at this point, I would have said, “How many times are you not going to listen to me idiot? You think I’m going to help you now? You rejected me. You’re easily distracted. You find the way home yourself.”

But you know what is really great about the GPS system? The lady always says, “Calculating Route” or “When possible, make a legal U-turn.” In other words, “No worries. Focus on the road and on me again. Listen carefully to my directions. I’ll bring you home.” That’s what I call…grace!

We talked about repentance last week. One of the things I am constantly repenting of is the fact that I am easily distracted. Sometimes with good opportunities that challenge my priorities or sometimes fear of the future challenging me to take matters into my own hands or sometimes listening to other people’s opinions and being a slave to that. And I start chasing those things instead of staying on the wall.

If you are tempted with some good opportunities right now that may distract you from church and doing the work of God, ask the Lord to give you wisdom and discernment. If you are facing gossip or have gossiped, take some time to turn to the Lord and perhaps seek reconciliation if you are guilty. If you have been thinking far too much about the future, so much so that it distracts you from the Lord and serving, take some time to turn to the Lord with that as well. The Lord once lovingly rebuked another distracted soul: “Martha, Martha, you are troubled by many things, but there is only one thing needful.” (Luke 10:42). Listen to the Lord’s life verse before he left this earth: “I glorified you on the earth, and accomplished the work you gave me to do” (John 17:4). Man, He was so single minded! But thank God today, that if we have swerved off the path, to know that our Lord allows U-turns.


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