The six qualities of a spiritual leader:
Zeal for righteousness. Moral sensitivity to anything unjust in himself (first) or others. Highlights the importance of purity.
Compassion. This should be demonstrated to those who are facing both physical and spiritual weaknesses. Today I would describe this aspect as being a servant to those in need.
Patience. I must remind leaders of the critical need for patience due to at least three reasons; leadership is exhausting and demanding work, there is little apparent return for all the efforts a leader makes, and many who are on the receiving end are ungrateful. They open their windows to receive and profit at the expense of others
Good example. Leaders are models that other people look to and follow their example, therefore, make it good! The leader is no better than the followers and I will stress humility and maturity.
Good judgment or discernment. This guides the leader in knowing both what to do and how to do it. In relationship to this, he addresses how to encourage the spiritual and moral growth of the community. He also reminds his readers of the need for delegation and the danger of becoming buried under the heavy load of administration. You can only delegate to people that are willing to learn and work. People only seek power for their benefit.
Devotion to God. While listed last, this is the most important quality because everything else depends upon it. A close personal relationship with God guides us in all our leadership responsibilities. Here I will mention the need for public and private prayer and cultivate an awareness or mindfulness of God in all of life.
I hope you will take comfort in these words and adjust your calling and continue the work that God has called you to do.
Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

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