HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

Where is the brotherhood of man that (I think it was) John Lennon imagined in his song? He extended the invitation, “I hope someday you’ll join us.” Where is the ‘us’ of which he spoke? Where are the dreamers who have given up their possessions so that greed and hunger could be done away within a brotherhood of men and women who share a common life together? And who is the courageous pacesetter who risked everything to bring about this Mystical Brotherhood?

John Lennon was powerless to bring about the brotherhood of man that he longed for. The stirring message of his song could not take us beyond the life of the messenger who brought it. Likewise, the profound truths of the Bible can not, by themselves, take us beyond the compromised religious system of Christianity that does not demonstrate the life it promises. The Christian gospel has been reduced to verses on bumper stickers and billboards, and Imagine likewise has been reduced to the sappy sound of music in supermarkets and department stores. The message has no power unless the messenger is so enthralled with the message that he gives up his own life in order to make it a reality.

The idea of The Mystical Brotherhood of man did not originate with John Lennon, nor did it die with him. It was born in the heart of the Creator of all things. From His fertile imagination, He created man and woman to rule over His creation. They were to fill the earth with their offspring who would share all the world in peace, living each day to its fullest. Even though man has fallen from this created purpose, what is in the heart of his Creator has not changed. He has always longed for a people whose life is a demonstration of the love that is in His heart, a demonstration of justice and righteousness for all the world to see.

But sin is entrenched in the soul of man, and while there is a genuine desire for life in the hearts of many, the fatal blood poisoning of sin ultimately overpowers that desire. Man can never by his own strength realize his full potential as a human being created in the image of God. Selfishness and greed are so ingrained into his fallen nature that no amount of self-effort can consistently suppress them. Ultimately they rise up to rule the human soul and render futile any attempt to achieve a genuine brotherhood of man. The only way to achieve that brotherhood is to break sin’s power.

I am offering an opportunity for you to rely only on God our creator and ask Him to break the chains of darkness so you can see your brother or sister in the other person. You will see and be a part of this end-time Mystic power that will be moving through the earth to restore man to his original state.



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