HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

This morning we are looking at the causes, effects and consequences of death. The things that block us from attaining access to the Brotherhood.

Death is the final outcome of the power of sin. Death is the consequence of sin, its fair wages. It is not just that our failure to attain to the brotherhood of man results in a somewhat less-than-ideal society to which we must all resign ourselves. Rather, the consequences of our selfishness, greed, and pride are the first fruits of death itself — alienation, strife, loneliness, depression, anger, hostility, murder. The decay of human society, which is evident all around us, is the sum total of the decay of the individual lives of which society is composed. Even the earth itself is defiled by our sin and increasingly becomes a hostile environment to the very creatures who were intended to be its loving caretakers. It is happening as the prophets have spoken:

The earth is also polluted by its inhabitants, for they transgressed laws, violated statutes, broke the everlasting covenant. Therefore a curse devours the earth, and those who live in it are held guilty. Therefore, the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men are left. (Isaiah 24:5-6)

We cannot glibly settle for something less than the brotherhood of man — we must have the real thing, for our very lives depend upon it. Each one of us was created for eternity, and it has always been in our Creator’s heart that we would have eternal life, an eternal brotherhood of man, and not the eternal death that we reap as the consequence of our sin.

That is why, even from the time of man’s fall in the Garden, God had a plan to break the power of sin and bring about the true brotherhood of man, the new social order that has always been in His heart. In the fullness of time, He sent the breaker — His own son — who would break the power of sin and usher in the true brotherhood of man, the kingdom of God. He was the true dreamer, the imaginer who not only had the true vision, but also the power and authority to make it happen. He was the Messenger who was so enthralled with His message, which came from the heart of His Father in heaven, that He gave up His own life to make it a reality.

God is sending us a message for us to get back to the Tree of Life where the Brotherhood will have access once more before He ushers in the second return. You are guaranteed all the Mystic powers that Adam had in the beginning and so will it be in the end.



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