HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div
He taught them about death, where you are finally alone with your conscience. You are forced to face your sin, with nowhere to hide and nothing to distract your mind from the awareness of your own guilt. Every evil deed, every base thought, every selfish motive comes out of hiding to torture you. Like a worm burrowing into the recesses of your memory, eating away at your every excuse, so is the path of your thoughts as your conscience fully awakens. The unquenchable fire of your self-inquisition leaves you either weeping in remorse or gnashing your teeth as you resist the truth about yourself.

Jesus’s disciples didn’t understand many things He said. But they witnessed the purity of His life, His boundless love and kindness, His unbroken communion with His Father in heaven. They saw how He suffered and grieved over the hunger, sickness, loneliness, brutality, indifference and pride in the people He encountered every day. Then they heard Him say that He would be delivered up to the Romans and would be mocked and mistreated and spit upon, and after they scourged Him, would crucify Him. They could hardly believe it. Was He speaking figuratively? How could He bring about the kingdom of God if He died? Surely God would not allow it.

Then it happened. One of the twelve betrayed Him into the hands of the religious leaders who were threatened by His teaching and the power of His love. They were after blood, and although the Roman governor proclaimed Him innocent, they chanted in unison, “Crucify Him!” The only sinless man who ever walked the earth was cruelly nailed to a cross like a vile criminal and died.

His disciples were heartbroken, devastated, frightened. They huddled together in a locked room for fear that they would suffer the same fate as their Master. What would they do now that He was gone? He was everything to them. They had given their lives to Him. For three years they had depended on His wisdom, His authority, His direction, His peace. Now He was gone. Where was He?

That is when you know the God you are serving and where your faith stands with Him. So many people fall by the way when they are persecuted, lied on, scandal and are about to throw in the towel in the race. Brethren count it a joy when even your brethren drag you in the mess. Look up for your redemption is near at hand.


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