HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

The Brotherhood of Man
Today the brotherhood of man that began with those first disciples is being restored on the earth. It could not be imagined into existence. It is coming about because that same Holy Spirit has come upon a people who gave up everything for Messiah’s sake. It is not the product of a group of people with a common philosophy, who seek to refine their character, ennoble their human nature, subject themselves to a rigorous discipline, or pursue a political agenda. You cannot enter it or bring it about by the strength of your will. You cannot even achieve it by polishing up your behaviour according to principles you can read about in the Bible. The only way into the brotherhood of man is through death ā€” the death of your fallen, sinful nature. And the only way to bring about that death is to come to Jesus, to His disciples who represent Him on the earth, and surrender your life as you are baptized into the life He is establishing right now ā€” a foretaste of the age to come.

This Mystical ministry of the Brotherhood is to restore brethren to the place where Peter started and made that big announcement on the Day of Pentecost. It is not to call you to the church but back to God through His Son Jesus Christ. It is a call to return to the Holy Scriptures and the revelation of God through His Holy Spirit. Striking out sin and satan and walking into His everlasting covenant with the Father.

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