HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

So often, we rely on relationships, money, jobs, or other pursuits that fail to satisfy. Jesus Christ is the one true source of hope that never fails, and the daily devotions in Jesus, Our will help you seek Jesus first and realize the joy and peace of resting in Him.

This year-long devotional offers a new perspective on life and will instil you with hope.

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By diving into daily content that points to Jesus, you will begin to understand what it means to have hope in Christ. When Jesus is first and Jesus is all, earthly troubles begin to pale in comparison. Jesus, Our Perfect Hope reminds us that although our world is full of uncertainty and struggles, we can experience a sense of freedom and hope in Jesus.

I can only do my part and the remainder is up to you to continue working and doing your best. You will make mistakes and fall by the way, but I encourage you to get up repent and move on to the next level. I will meet you here daily for the remainder of the year and I pray that God will sustain me to live in that place of peace and hope to see you grow from strength to strength.

Let us go through this year with no power of our own but in love serving one another live godly with all men. God bless you and I will meet you tomorrow the Lord’s willing

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