HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

I cannot carry all these people by myself; the burden is too heavy for me. — Numbers 11:14

Moses boldly spoke these very honest words to the Lord: the Israelites were far too big a burden for Moses to bear. God responded to Moses’ weariness by assigning additional people to carry the load, specifically seventy elders who could help Moses lead. God heard the cry of Moses and acted.

Many of us carry burdens, and the biggest burden we may find ourselves carrying is people with all their burdens.

So many times we are under pressure because of our brothers and sisters and there seems no way out except to turn to the Lord, for He graciously hear us. May you find the comfort in these words today and walk in your vocation.

Did you know that God didn’t design us to carry even our own burdens?

We are to give our cares and concerns to the Lord. So why do so many of us spend our lives carrying not only our burdens but also the burdens of others? You don’t have to.

Know that God sees you just as He saw Moses. God hears your cries. The Almighty God will carry your burden and relieve you of the heavy burdens that you are carrying for others. Let Him — with relief and gratitude.

Lord, I’m weary. I’m so tired of my own burdens and from my burdens, and I can barely handle the weight of other people’s problems. Help me! Amen.


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