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 HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. Genesis 1:5

How different is God’s method from a man! The creature works from day to night, his best is first, but darkness overshadows his fairest hopes and best-concerted schemes. The Creator’s days begin with the preceding eve. He reckons the evenings and nights into the days because out of them the day is born; they usher in the light and recreate body and brain for the busy hours that follow.

Art thou disappointed in Christian work?  Remember that God wrought on through long dark ages, ere His schemes were evolved in order and beauty. Human schemes begin with the blare of trumpet and roll of the drum but are soon plunged in darkness. The heavenly seed is sown in autumn shadows; the foundation-stone of redemption was laid amid the gloom of Calvary; the work that lasts generally begins amid disappointment, difficulty, and heartbreak, but inevitably passes into the day.

Art thou passing through the bitterness of soul-trouble? – For weeks there has been no ray of comfort, no sign of deliverance. Yet every dark hour is hastening toward the dawn. Thou shalt see thy Beloved walking toward thee in the morning light.

Art thou in despair for the worm?  The times are dark and threaten to get darker. But if the first creation began in the dark, can it be wondered at that the second must begin there also? But as the one emerged in daylight, so shall the other. The morning cometh; see the star of the day standing sentry! Time is bearing us to a day that shall never go down tonight but shall mount ever toward its meridian.

I am praying that the Lord open the eyes of the believers to see the scope of the mysteries in this day and age we’re in. As I write to you the earth is plunged into darkness like as it was at the beginning of creation and as our Lord Jesus was on the cross when darkness covered the earth. Hallelujah, beyond the darkness was a new life in the Garden of Eden and a new beginning for Christians after the cross.

Do you hear what I am saying to the church this morning? May your eyes be opened to see God in action as this world comes to a close.

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