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“So Solomon built the temple and finished it.” 1 Kings 6:14 During God’s creative process, two of His creations stand heads above all creations: humanity and the temple. God created mankind Himself then used mankind to construct the temple. Both creations were created with the same purpose in mind: to bring glory to Jehovah God.

The temple was the most magnificent edifice of the ancient world. Every structure, known to man, paled in comparison to God’s glorious house. God gave Solomon a blueprint and he built God’s home to His divine specifications.

Solomon enlisted thirty thousand men to build the temple. God gave favour to Solomon to gather all the materials, not only from amongst his own land but also, from the lands of those who did not acknowledge Jehovah God. (1 Kings 5)

It took Solomon twenty years to finish the Temple. (1 Kings 9:10)

Although the Jews knew the temple belonged to God and stood as a reminder to God’s glory (1 Kings 8:43), they were guilty of admiring creation more than the Creator. They focused more on the building than their God. They placed more attention and emphasis on the masterpiece and less on their Master. In many ways, the temple became their god. Because of their spiritual blindness, they often ignored the reminders to reverence God more than His house. The writer of Hebrews addressed this in chapter three verse three, “He who built the house has more honour than the house.” One would think to honour one’s house means you are showing honour to its owner.

However, God knew His children were more partial to His house than to Him. As a child of the Most High God, do you oftentimes find yourself more amazed with or in awe of creation than you are with your Creator? You know full well that all glory belongs to God but do you reverence the things of God more than the God of your things?

  • Have certain things become your god?
  • Do you place more attention and affection on creation than you do your Creator?
  • As a spouse, do you love your mate more than Jesus?

Be honest!

  • As a parent, do you love your children more than Jesus?
  • Do you love your hobbies more than Jesus?
  • Do you spend more time in devotion to your family, friends, school, job, or leisurely activities than you spend in worship, work, and witness to God?
  • Are the works of God more magnificent to you than God Himself?

If the answer is yes, then your “temple” means more to you than your God! Would you, this very moment, confess what God knows to be true if you glory in the masterpiece more than the Master? Would you heed the reminder from this devotion to readjust your gaze and your glance? Would you, once again, fix your gaze on Jesus and your glance at the things He created? Today, conduct yourself in such a way that it will be evident to God, to others, and to you that all glory truly belongs to God.

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