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Sir Godfrey Gregg ROMC, OHPM

Grand Commanding Officer

The central bonds that hold The Mystical Court together are found in the obligations we have taken and the commitment to which we honour them. The word fraternity has its origins in the Latin word “Frater,” which means “Brother.” Thus, our Fraternity is a Brotherhood, or sacred band of Brothers and Sisters, committed to mutual support, understanding, and affection. The symbol which best communicates our commitment is the Five Pointed Star, presented in the Master Commanding Officer’s Degree. Each point of the star represents a point of fellowship and reminds us of our obligations to each other. As a group of equals, the Five Pointed Star should guide our actions toward one another.

With the first point of fellowship, we are instructed to go by foot to answer the needs of others, but more especially that of a Brother or Sister of The Court. This is not to say we ignore others in our benevolent acts, but rather that we look carefully not to ignore our Bothers and Sisters in need. Beyond helping with Mystical instruction and guarding a Brother’s (Sister’s) fidelity, we should strive to ensure our Brethren reach their potential and serve the Order of The Court to the fullest. Helping them to improve themselves helps us be better members of The Mystical Court.

Within the second point of fellowship, we find the power of prayer, especially prayer directed for the benefit of a fallen Brother or Sister. When we kneel to pray, we call upon the most powerful force to bring about good. Acknowledging our dependence upon The Most High God can lead to the wisdom to see His path, the courage to choose that path above all others, and the strength to carry out His will. Clarity of action and concern for the welfare of our Brethren make The Mystical Court a stronger Fraternity.

With the third point of fellowship, we are reminded of the responsibility of trust. Holding in our heart the secrets of our Brother and sister is a sacred responsibility. We do have some discretion with those secrets, but our honour requires treating them with the utmost respect. When communicated to us confidentially, a Brother’s (Sister’s) words are to be securely guarded, as we would wish our own words to be properly guarded. We earn the trust of others by giving trust, and our Brother and Sister is our most trusted friend.

In the fourth point of fellowship, we are charged to support the character of our Brother or Sister, either before his/her face or behind his/her back. In an age when people eagerly seize rumours concerning the conduct of others, we must guard the character and integrity of our Brethren on all occasions. As members of The Mystical Court, we are charged to erect our Mystical edifices, not tear them down, and a careless word can do more harm than good.

With the fifth point of fellowship, we are encouraged to give wise counsel to our Brother and Sister of the Court and to support them in their time of need. In Ancient time and still today, the hand symbolized the support, while the whispered counsel, if found worthy, was equally common. The key is to see the responsibility of communicating good advice and providing support and help in implementing that advice. No matter who we are, we will need some help at some time, and, as Court members, we should strive to be available to offer our assistance to others when needed.

Thus the Five Pointed Star reminds us to extend love and affection to our Brother and Sister Court members, doing for each of them as we would wish done for each of us. Each point carries an important lesson and responsibility found within the teachings of the Third Degree. Never forget that five-pointed ritual and the bonds that unite us into a sacred band of friend and brothers and sisters who strive to emulate the love of the Supreme Architect of the Universe.

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