Image result for the family that prays together stays together

Prayer strengthens the bond in families. Prayer is the foundation of the Christian home along with the life basics of Love, Kindness, Respect, and Honour. Giving us the direction of being a loving, kind, forgiving and accepting human being who has an intimate relationship with our God.

A family that Prays together Strengthens their communication lines within their family, Protects each other from outside attacks on their family, Releases all hurts and fears and deepest feelings, and Strengthens the family ties discovering each other’s fears, needs, and dreams.

Prayer in the family can also help with depressions, anxieties, and fears in terminal illnesses by talking out and giving their problems to God.

We can try doing prayer together and watch the Lord works in our lives. I assure you that we will form a bond and stay in His presence.

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