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HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.DivImage result for Prayer forThe Fruit Of The Spirit"

A Prayer To Produce The Fruit Of The Spirit

Heavenly Father, how we pray that our lives would show forth the beautiful fruit of the Spirit, which is rooted and grounded in godly love.. and produced in a life that is walking in spirit and truth.

I pray that the life of Christ may guard my spirit and rule my life and that I may truly be submitted to the leading and guidance of Your Holy Spirit. Teach me I pray, to walk in spirit and truth, to live as unto the Lord, to depend on Your sufficient grace.. and in Your strength, to fulfil the new commandment You gave to the Church – to love others as Christ loved us.

My love is weak and poor, but I pray that in Your mercy You would fan into flame a Christ-like love in my heart, and develop in me a deep and genuine love for all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I pray that I would take every opportunity to demonstrate Your love to others.. in action, attitude, mood and motive.. and to show forth Your love not only with my lips but in my life, by giving up myself to Your service, and by walking in holiness and humility of spirit all the days of my life–to Your praise and glory.. and in Jesus name I pray,


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