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HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee: Genesis 12:1

Never did a corn of wheat more utterly fall into the ground to die. It seemed as though he were urgently needed in his country and among his kindred, but man’s thoughts and ways are not God’s. The blessing of Abraham’s life could only come in the land of promise, and after he had died to the whole life of nature. To everyone who is to be richly blessed and made a blessing, there is the inevitable command, “Get thee out. Be willing to die.”

In order to spring back to life, the seed has to die and go through a period of darkness before life emerge. So it is with every child of God must be dead to sin and rise as a new creation in Christ Jesus our Lord. What I am saying to you this morning is to get rid of the old man and that is only dying to the things of the world like the pleasure seekers, the pride of this life and world, lust of the flesh or anything that is not of God so you can come forth to walk in a newness of life.Image result for get out from among them

Abraham loved his family and would have loved to settle there with them, but he would not receive the blessings and the promises of God living there. Therefore the Lord commissioned him to “Get Out” for him to receive the riches of the promise. What God had for him must be delivered on God’s terms of the contract and Abram had to get to the appointed place. God does not compromise on His word. We do and fail to meet the threshold for the blessings. What God is saying to us this morning is to get out to receive your blessing. I do not know where you are but it is time for you to leave your place of comfort and go to the land of promise in the Holy Ghost.

Get thee out of the land of idols.  Beyond the flood of the Euphrates, Terah and the rest served other gods. Had Abram remained there, he might have touched the unclean thing; hence God’s desire to get him beyond the reach of infection, that he and his race might remain monotheistic. Hast thou had communion with darkness, with Belial, with idols? Get thee out and be separate; touch not the unclean thing. Be clean, thou who art to bear the vessels of the Lord. Reckon thyself to have died. Hallelujah. There have to be some action brethren, fellow readers, my brothers and sisters, The word of God is a seed and the seed is planted this morning “Get Out” to the place I have promised you. Unless you act on this promise you will not receive the blessings of the Lord.

Get thee out in loneliness.  “I called him alone, and increased him.” If thou art unwilling to abide alone, thou must fall alone into the ground and die. God must reduce us to a minimum before He can work through us to the maximum. But there is also no loneliness to the soul who is one with God. Alone against the world, it is still in a majority.

Get thee out in faith.  “He went out, not knowing whither.” It was what man calls a venture; but as he stepped out on what seemed a void, he found it rock beneath his feet. Day by day a track appeared across the desert, and all his needs were met till be reached the place of blessing. Death was the gate of life. Having died to Haran, he began to bring forth much fruit in every soil of the world. So this morning I am urging you not to look at the present situation, but to step out in faith, the same faith you talk about and see what God can do for you. Unless you are willing to walk or take the first step you will miss your blessing and die in your situation. Just trust God for one moment and see what He can do for you.Image result for DYING IN ORDER TO LIVE

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