The Brotherhood

White Eagle is a spiritual teacher. He is a spokesperson for a group of souls who have, through the experiences of many lifetimes, transcended earthly limitations. This brother/sisterhood dedicate themselves to helping Earth’s humanity to raise their consciousness to the highest, to overcome fear and to bring spiritual light into all aspects of earthly life. The ‘Mystical Brotherhood’ is a source of help and information.

The Teaching

The Brotherhood teachings are universal, timeless and unconditionally loving. They are respectful of the path of each individual. In a consistent, comprehensive philosophy, The Mystical Brotherhood opens the mind to the spiritual laws which govern all life, and which we can learn to work with.

The spiritual laws are:

  • Reincarnation
  • Cause and Effect
  • Opportunity
  • Correspondences
  • Compensation (Equilibrium and Balance)

Over and above all these laws is the law of Love:

‘A Master is one who has learnt the truth, through experience; he has learnt to put into practice the law which governs all life—the law of love. Love is the fulfilling of the law…There is only one way to receive love into human life, and that is—to give love forth.’ White Eagle

Bringing it down to earth!

Through the literature,  workshops, services, correspondence courses, taking part in the healing work, and meditation, people can learn about the teaching, its spiritual foundation and find help to live in harmony with the spirit and harmoniously in daily life.

Seeking to live in harmony with spiritual law is the foundation of the Mystical Brotherhood and is contained in its principles.

It is not sufficient to know things, because such a knowing is merely of words, meaning nothing. Spiritual growth results from the absorption and digestion, and putting into practice of the simple spiritual laws.