As Christians, we are to develop the attributes of Christ, and we are to crucify the old man of sin and his deeds. That is why the Apostle Paul wrote about “putting off the old man” and “putting on the new” (Ephesians 4:24; Colossians 3:9-10). Because our souls are formed through our choices, we have to make new choices to let go of the old nature and receive the new. Our new natures are formed by the truths of the Word of God. The two-edged sword of the Word will divide what is true, in our spirits, from the soul-ish things of our personalities. However, that dividing cannot happen if we do not find out what the Word says. The healing of the soul, which is a cleansing process, takes place as we learn to study the Word and develop a close fellowship with the Father through prayer. That is why it is so important to study the Bible to find out how we are to walk in the Spirit and live in the Spirit.

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