HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div
When Jesus, the Son of God, was nailed to the cross, having no guilt of His own, He took upon Himself the sins of everyone else. He literally became sin. It was a spiritual event of inconceivable proportions. That is why the earth shook at the moment of His death, when His spirit and soul plunged into the very domain of death. For three days and three nights He endured the unimaginable agonies of death that you and I deserve. The purging of death was able to penetrate to the very core of His being, because there was absolutely no resistance in Him. Out of His infinite love for us, He willingly bore the guilt of our sins and received their wages. When death had exhausted its fury on Him, His spirit returned to His body and the earth shook again as He stood on His feet, forever alive. By His death and resurrection He had broken the power of sin forever.

Imagine the joy of His disciples when they saw Him again! It took several appearances in their locked room before they could all believe their eyes and ears. For the next forty days, He taught them the things concerning the kingdom of God that they were never able to understand before. He taught them about The Mystical Brotherhood of Man, the new social order that they would become by the power of His Spirit. They would become His messengers to carry His message to the ends of the earth. He told them to wait for His Spirit to come to them, and then He ascended into heaven.

Ten days later the disciples were still together, about a hundred and twenty in all, waiting in Jerusalem. Suddenly, with a noise like a mighty, rushing wind, Jesus’s Spirit filled the house and settled upon each one of them. The effect was electrifying. So great was their excitement that the whole city heard of it and gathered around the house. The disciples knew of nothing better to do than to speak to the people the message of eternal life that was burning in their hearts. Filled with Jesus’s Spirit, Peter stood up and spoke everything that was on his heart, and the multitude of people listened with rapt attention. His words convicted them of their guilt and their participation in crucifying Jesus, the Messiah sent to save them. Pierced to the heart, they cried out, begging to know how to be rid of their guilt.

Do we need to cry out again or do we need to live those words from Peter to our generation? People hardly listen to anything out the mouth of Christians but they are delighted in looking at the life that we live. Our life is like the candle that is placed on a candlestick for the world to see who is living in us. Think about these things this morning…….



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